Monday, November 2, 2009

Ghosties in the house

So this past week has been pretty strange in our house. Weird writings have appeared on the wall, toilets have been overflowing with whole rolls of toilet paper stuffed inside, blue markings all over the carpet and furniture. Kinda strange. And of course to top it off, 3 year old Tommy wearing his scary Halloween shirt all week long, explained to us that he was wearing his "Holy Ghostie" shirt.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dirty Jokes and the Round Swing

Every summer my family made the 13 hour trek to Mexico for our summer vacation. Suddenly all my parents strict checklist of rules didn't apply when we were down there. However one rule that we were constantly reminded of was not to tell any dirty jokes to our cousins. This was always funny to me because I don't think I ever knew any dirty jokes as a child and if so why would I tell my cousins? So as long as we refrained from dirty jokes we were free to roam the Mexican countryside.
Besides being taught to drive at age 12 by my dear cousins, one of my other favorite memories was of the round swing. We would cross the street to uncle Herman's (I have the best names in my family) and climb the hill. We would jump on the rope swing and swing out over the irrigation ditch and out over the hill. It was exhilarating and always a good time.
This past summer my dad just built a round swing in his backyard. He even built a little platform stand to swing off of. I got on and swung out into the ravine and don't think I have screamed that loud in 15 years! My kids love it and we all cant get enough of it. Of course everyone who comes over has to take a ride. We have even had a few Tarzan moments. Thanks dad for building the swing and I promise no more dirty jokes!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My boricua heart hurts today.

Today my little boricua heart hurts. I just heard that Hermano Victor SotoMayor passed away. He was one of my favorite people in our ward in Puerto Rico. My heart aches for the loss of him personally and for our ward Ponce I. He was one of the first members in Ponce. He was 80 years old and very spry. He made us laugh. He was very kind to Jake as a new Bishop, taught him many things, and was very patient. I feel privileged to have known him and had him in my home. Thinking of him makes me smile and I will never forget him. I know it means nothing to anyone who may read this but somehow it makes me feel better to put it down in writing. Te queremos mucho Hermano SotoMayor!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday morning on Horse Poopy Trail

This morning I took the boys out for a little hike. I am not a hiker, not an outdoor granola but these Colorado surroundings are really getting to me- I really enjoy being outside. Anyways on today's particular trail there seemed to be alot of horse poop, almost marking the path for us. Tommy was much more fascinated with running to find the next pile of poop then he was doing anything else. We didn't make it very far but saw beautiful scenery, climbed a few rocks, ate a few Teddy Grahams. Best thing- Horse Poopy Trail is only a 5 minute drive from my house!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Roy Rodgers and Coconut Shrimp

I have about the coolest and funnest sisters in law around! This last week 2 of them came for a visit. My husband succeeded in staying away from the house as much as possible as there was major estrogen overload for a change, as I am usually outnumbered here in the Smith household. Dont think I have been to bed before 1am since they got here. We did all the necessaries of good girl time such as staying up way too late giggling every night, watching chic flicks, playing games, going shopping and eating dessert all the time. "One" of us of course mooned the rest of "us" and one of us even stole the phone from another one of us threatening to call a certain boy late at night. Since two of us are married, I wont say who did what.
The must do, which we did do, and declare that we must always do on future meetings is head to Red Lobster for diet Roy Rodgers and Coconut Shrimp. Their coconut shrimp is THE BEST and the pina colada sauce is to die for. The waitress did not disappoint when I asked her to bring a bowl of it as I had every intention of downing it like a bowl of soup. Loved every minute and love my girls!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Fat Boy factory

My son Luke absolutely loves the ice cream sandwich called "Fatboys." The first time he ate one and I told him what they were called he didn't believe me, he thought I was joking. And then when I told him that I actually knew the people who owned the icecream company that made Fatboys he went crazy and had to point out anytime we saw "Fatboys" in the grocery store.
Well a few weeks ago my childhood best friend Sherrie was up in Logan Utah for a visit to her sisters. Sherrie's family the Hatches have always been my second family- we did everything together growing up. I was driving up to see her and asked if we could maybe get a tour of the factory. They were so cool and arranged for all of us to go get a behind the scene tour. It was so much fun and Luke was absolutely amazed the whole time. He is already set on his new career of becoming a "Fatboy maker." All I know is with all of the icecream I ate that day I was already a "fatgirl maker" - but it was SOO worth it! Thanks to Paul and Stephanie Merrill for an incredible time!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

11 years...11 reasons

So exactly 11 years ago I was married to Jake. He NEVER lets me compliment him but since he does not read my blog I get to do it here. Soooo many reasons I love and cherish him but here are 11 really good reasons:

11. The best snuggler in the world. Yucky but true- we snuggle ALL night!
10. He would do anything for anybody- anytime.
9. He thinks I am beautiful and tells me EVERYDAY!
8. He is so freaking smart. Honestly. I really don't ever have to look anything
up- I just ask him!
7. When we are at a restaurant and I order and we get our food and his looks better
mine- he always lets me have his food instead. (this says alot about him!)
6. His strength! (Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)
5. He always calms down my anxious heart.
4. He has integrity.
3. He is 100% committed- to me, the boys, and the gospel
2. He makes me laugh, everyday, all day long!
1. He knows me better than I know myself and he still loves me with all his heart!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baking with Lady GaGa

Lately I have been absolutely ADDICTED to "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa. I dont know why but I want to listen to it constantly. I turn it up loud and dance around like I am still 18 yrs old.
For quite some time now my inner Martha Stuart has been wanting to come out. I decided to start by learning how to make homemade bread ( I think I am the last mormon stay at home mom who does not know how to make bread!)
I grew up on homemade bread and have wanted to learn how to bake bread for a long time. I guess I am scared of the whole yeast and rising thing. I decided that today was the day to conquer the fear of breadmaking. After consulting both my mother and mother in law I nervously went to work. I completed each step of making the bread and then finally breathed a sigh of relief as it went into the oven. Then I went up to my room and to unwind a bit from the stress of trying to bake bread I turned on a little Lady Gaga. I danced around a bit, listened to the song a few times, then danced some more, turned up the music and continued to hit replay. I kept turning the music up a little louder, getting a little more bold with my dance moves, and finally getting some lyrics right when it hit me that I had bread in the oven. I guessed I had hit play a few too many times.
I burnt the bread- like the type of bread so crusty that it tears the roof of your mouth just biting into it.
I will try the bread another day-I am not giving up. But just so you know- I'm not giving up on Lady GaGa either.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My man loves me

So the other day my husband came home with this:
a box of my favorite almond chocolate covered toffee.
What can I say?- My man loves me!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

No news- just feeling good.

So tonight I am blogging because I feel content. For a rare moment I feel at peace with the world and my place in it.
Could be because I just ate a huge brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup. Could be because my 5 year old belted out the 3rd article of faith in the feminine hygiene aisle at Walmart today and turned a few heads. Could be because my husband came home early and set up the trampoline for the boys and solidified the "hero status" in his sons eyes.
Whatever the reason....I'll take it!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Luke you are so grounded when I find you!

Today I am watching 2 little girls. Luke had been so bored all day and had been waiting to go to the park when his big brother got home from school. He was mad that I made him wait to go to the park. Well I am giving everyone snacks and I am talking to them saying that after snack time we will go to the park. I realize Luke is not there. I am calling for him and no answer. We are looking everywhere for him thinking he had gone to the park on his own without telling me. Then I see his shoes are still here so I figure he is hiding from me. I am looking everywhere yelling "Luke if you are hiding from me and not coming out when I call you - you are grounded!!!!"
Then I think of one more place to look and this is what I find:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anything for a cubscout!

We're busting trying to get that wolf badge for Jett before his birthday in a couple of weeks. Since Puerto Rico doesnt participate in cubscouts, Jett just started the program in January. So we are doing double time but I think that we will get it done. One requirement that Jett had was for bike saftey. I love our little town of Fruita and it actually had a little bike rodeo today all about bike saftey and gear. (Check off the list!)
He also had to help in an outdoor meal so yesterday evening we headed to the Red Cliffs. They are so beautiful and right on the Colorado River.
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The boys had a blast roasting hotdogs and smores and climbing the rocks and trees. U had to add a picture of the perfect smore. BTW- the secret for extra sinfulness is to spread peanut butter on the graham cracker!
I cant wait for the warmer weather and camping and rafting down the river. Seriously guys- you have to come visit. I know we are no longer on a tropical island but minutes from the Red Cliffs and the Colorado River aint too bad!

Monday, April 13, 2009

One Happy Turtle !!!!

This past Saturday I ran in my first 5K. This has been a goal of mine that I started back in Puerto Rico over a year ago. My sister Renee has been diagnosed with MS and this was the 20th annual 5K for MS in Salt Lake City. My whole family participated and even my best friend Collette and her husband Jared.
There were over 3500 participants. At the start there was such a mob of people that we were kinda forced into walking until we could break out. All of a sudden I see my brother in law Ryan just take off (he later ended up finishing 4th place!) Then it was evident that all runners were passing me up. I run VERY SLOW but my goal was just to keep running the whole time. I kept my turtle pace and was cruising along even with some unexpected hills. When I reached the top of one hill I saw volunteers with waters and snacks and I thought to myself "I made it and it wasnt too bad!"
Well it wasn't too bad because it was only the freaking halfway point!!!!
After I got over the initial shock and kept going only to see more hills. I was determined and kept going. Finally I was on the last downhill to the gateway center and I was looking around and I was all by myself. I thought that I had taken a wrong turn but figured out that the runners were way ahead of me and most walkers were still behind me. Anyways I turned the corner and there were volunteers lined up on either side of the finish line cheering and applauding and I just burst into tears. It was nice and embarrassing and I am sure everyone wondered what was going on. I was just really overwhelmed with emotion. #1 It really hit home the whole reason that we were there and that my sister and best friend Renee really has MS. Then #2 I had finally finished my goal to run in a 5K! It was an awesome feeling that even though I was super slow, that I hadn't stopped running (never been able to do that before!). Incredible feeling!
So next year I invite everyone to participate- it is a great cause. Now I think I've caught the fever and I am looking forward to my next 5K here in Fruita next month.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Red sand everywhere!

This last Saturday we went to Moab for the day. Jake used to love going there mountain biking and now we are only 1 1/2 hrs away. The weather was beautiful and sunny. We went on a fun hike at slick rock and had a picnic.
We also climbed up a giant red sand/ dirt hill. Well I shouldn't say "we" as only Jett and Luke made it to the top! It felt like it was straight up and you just sunk down even though the climb was so vertical. The sand was so soft and cool that we finally just kicked off our shoes. Tons of people and their kids just pull over on the side of the road and watch people climb up and then run, roll or jump down. I think the boys made it all the way up 3 times, which was amazing. So fun.

When we got home that night and the boys got out of the car there was literally piles of sand in the car. In the bathtub there is still rings of red sand. On the bathroom floors I keep finding little mounds of the stuff! Our clothes, shoes and socks are still red dirt tinged. But the best is when I just took a load out from the dryer and I open up the door and tons of red dirt just comes pouring out. Can't get rid of the stuff but definitely worth the fun we had!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Funniest thing about Spring Break

It seems that Colorado has a pretty early Spring Break. Luckily it coincided with a business trip to the Big Dog cabin in Island Park, ID (right near Yellowstone). We dropped the boys off at my wonderful in-laws house and headed to the cabin with our best friends from Puerto Rico, Rafael and Osiris.

We had a good time snowmobiling (a 6 hour ride) to the top of the "Two-top Summit". It was pretty cool.
We stopped back to the in-laws to pick up the boys, who were happily running through the house with dirty faces and ice cream sandwiches in hand and they were NOT happy to see us. They have so much fun at Grandma's house and are spoiled rotten.

Picture included of boys hanging off the newest apparatus my father in law bought off an infomercial for my mother in law.
Anyways I took the boys over to the park real quick so they could run around for a few minutes before the long drive back. Jett, who makes friends everywhere he goes, was talking to a girl he met on the playground. She was pointing out some graffiti that was on the slide. Then I hear the following from Jett:
" MOTHER F***er.... I think that is the name of the ship that the Pilgrims sailed over on."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

His shoe runneth over...

Yesterday I saw Tommy holding his tennis shoe up to his mouth. I thought he was trying to play like the dog again and biting the shoe. Then I saw him drink from the shoe. I went over and the shoe was dripping wet. Tommy had gone to the bathroom sink and decided to fill up his shoe with water and use it as a cup. Today I found his shoe again soaking wet. Maybe its time to put some cups out by the sink....