Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baking with Lady GaGa

Lately I have been absolutely ADDICTED to "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa. I dont know why but I want to listen to it constantly. I turn it up loud and dance around like I am still 18 yrs old.
For quite some time now my inner Martha Stuart has been wanting to come out. I decided to start by learning how to make homemade bread ( I think I am the last mormon stay at home mom who does not know how to make bread!)
I grew up on homemade bread and have wanted to learn how to bake bread for a long time. I guess I am scared of the whole yeast and rising thing. I decided that today was the day to conquer the fear of breadmaking. After consulting both my mother and mother in law I nervously went to work. I completed each step of making the bread and then finally breathed a sigh of relief as it went into the oven. Then I went up to my room and to unwind a bit from the stress of trying to bake bread I turned on a little Lady Gaga. I danced around a bit, listened to the song a few times, then danced some more, turned up the music and continued to hit replay. I kept turning the music up a little louder, getting a little more bold with my dance moves, and finally getting some lyrics right when it hit me that I had bread in the oven. I guessed I had hit play a few too many times.
I burnt the bread- like the type of bread so crusty that it tears the roof of your mouth just biting into it.
I will try the bread another day-I am not giving up. But just so you know- I'm not giving up on Lady GaGa either.


Melinda said...

I was playing that song in my head while picturing you dancing...Go on girl with your bad self!

P.S. I dont know how to make bread. But I too want to learn.

Collette said...

That's so funny! The other day I decided I was the last Mormon standing when it comes to yeast bread. I decided to make homemade pizza dough. I really tried. Let's just say we ended up eating thin crust pizza. Yeast mocks me.

Anna said...

i love that song. there are parts of the lyrics that confuse me though... what does bluffin with my muffin mean? hhmmm

lady gaga and bread making= toast.