Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Advanced Maternal Age...and its benefits!

When I went for my first prenatal visit last December my doctor referred to me as "advanced maternal age." Very nice way of saying "kinda old to be having a baby!" She informed me of my risks etc and let me know that everything would be just a little bit harder. True- it has been 10 years since I had my first child. The first 2 semesters of all my pregnancies have been full of mad dashes to the bathroom to throw up on a daily basis, and this one has been no exception. I think I have thrown up on every street corner and gas station in Idaho, Utah and Las Vegas. (By the way- my gas station of choice to throw up in Flying J because their bathrooms are usually pretty clean and the stall door goes almost all the way to the floor so that no one sees me crouching before the toliet.)
As the pregnancies have progressed through the years and especially this last one noticed that I had an even bigger problem to deal with then throwing up - that is peeing my pants while throwing up! I wised up with this last pregnancy and began grabbing the garbage can or a plastic bag while actually using the bathroom and it has significantly raised my spirits and reduced alot of tears.
One big advantage of having this baby at age 36 is that my other 3 boys are a HUGE help! They are so concerned for me and the baby and would do anything for me. They do all my "up and down the stairs" errands and will pick up anything off the floor for me because they know that I can't bend over. They bring me water and make sure I rest. Luke reminds me that I can't lift anything over 20 lbs and Tommy lets me know he has a fat belly just like me because he is growing a baby too. Jett will babysit for me anytime I ask without ever complaining and will even call me on the phone while I am out to tell me to "take your time...everything is fine here!) I can nap almost anytime I want to and the boys are quiet and take care of themselves.
All my family members and friends are wonderfully supportive and make sure that I am resting... allowing me to take more guilt free naps!
I indulge my absolute (almost daily) need for cheeseburgers and really don't feel that bad about it. I know it will be a hard habit to kick once this baby comes but for right now - I do it and I guilt free enjoy it!
And when else in your life does every random stranger feel free to pat your belly or make a comment or wish you well?!? How boring life will be when I don't have random strangers making funny comments every where I go?
Yesterday as I was walking though Home Depot a clerk yells out "Hang in there honey.. you're almost there!" Walking across the street to get the mail a neighbor lady, 5 houses down, who I have never met, screams out "been there- done that- wouldn't want to be where you are again!" At Walmart last week the clerk told me that she couldn't even believe that I was out of the house!
But the truth is - I am not that miserable! Everyone keeps asking me if I can hardly wait to be done or if I am walking around trying to get this baby to come - and the answer is "No- I am not." I don't know if I am just a wierdo or something is wrong with me but I am actually enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy. I love feeling the baby move around and wonder what he is thinking inside there. I love napping everyday. I love having my husband and sons be so excited about the upcoming baby. In fact I am not sure that I am really in such a hurry to give it all up. Yes I waddle terribly, my ankles are swollen and black and blue, I get up to use the bathroom a minimum of 5 times per night and then cant go back to sleep... but its all worth it. I think in part I am enjoying this because I know this is my last one.
Now- next week at this time I might have had another hormonal wave swinging me the other way and you could find me out on the trampoline and yelling "to get this baby out!" but for now being an old pregnant lady ain't so bad.. so I am at peace and relaxed... taking one day, and one cheeseburger, at a time.