Friday, August 28, 2009

Roy Rodgers and Coconut Shrimp

I have about the coolest and funnest sisters in law around! This last week 2 of them came for a visit. My husband succeeded in staying away from the house as much as possible as there was major estrogen overload for a change, as I am usually outnumbered here in the Smith household. Dont think I have been to bed before 1am since they got here. We did all the necessaries of good girl time such as staying up way too late giggling every night, watching chic flicks, playing games, going shopping and eating dessert all the time. "One" of us of course mooned the rest of "us" and one of us even stole the phone from another one of us threatening to call a certain boy late at night. Since two of us are married, I wont say who did what.
The must do, which we did do, and declare that we must always do on future meetings is head to Red Lobster for diet Roy Rodgers and Coconut Shrimp. Their coconut shrimp is THE BEST and the pina colada sauce is to die for. The waitress did not disappoint when I asked her to bring a bowl of it as I had every intention of downing it like a bowl of soup. Loved every minute and love my girls!