Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dirty Jokes and the Round Swing

Every summer my family made the 13 hour trek to Mexico for our summer vacation. Suddenly all my parents strict checklist of rules didn't apply when we were down there. However one rule that we were constantly reminded of was not to tell any dirty jokes to our cousins. This was always funny to me because I don't think I ever knew any dirty jokes as a child and if so why would I tell my cousins? So as long as we refrained from dirty jokes we were free to roam the Mexican countryside.
Besides being taught to drive at age 12 by my dear cousins, one of my other favorite memories was of the round swing. We would cross the street to uncle Herman's (I have the best names in my family) and climb the hill. We would jump on the rope swing and swing out over the irrigation ditch and out over the hill. It was exhilarating and always a good time.
This past summer my dad just built a round swing in his backyard. He even built a little platform stand to swing off of. I got on and swung out into the ravine and don't think I have screamed that loud in 15 years! My kids love it and we all cant get enough of it. Of course everyone who comes over has to take a ride. We have even had a few Tarzan moments. Thanks dad for building the swing and I promise no more dirty jokes!


Christine said...

Great memories. We were always reminded (constantly) to not tell dirty jokes, either. Like you, I didn't know any - except those that I learned from our Mexico cousins!

Anna said...

no dirty jokes?!?! How boring. ;) baha!
I love the swing too... but only if Tarzan in there to save me. :)

Melinda said...

That is so darn cool. What an awesome Grandpa. Good Memories!

megadog said...

I remember you and all your dirty Hermanita jokes in Puerto Rico. Your dad was wise to give you that warning. The swing looks so great.