Friday, January 16, 2009

Rico in the slammer

So if you don't have a dog probably not worth your time to read the following post. In fact it annoys me that I am even writing it but here goes:
Never a good thing when a policeman shows up at your door. But I knew immediately why he was there. Alot of you know that we have a little white poodle named Rico. He is a great little dog and we all love him. I was never a dog person before but 5 years ago my husband begged and begged me to get him. Just like a little boy he promised, "I will do all the work and walk him and feed him and clean up after him" etc etc. Well just like any little boy in this situation, he indeed did not like all the work involved and since day #2 I have been the one to take care of him. Rico is very loving but true to all Smith males, has a true independent streak. He thinks he can come and go as he pleases and roam the neighborhood. We had a huge problem with it in Vegas, with him always getting out. Then in Puerto Rico he kinda had free reign and went wherever he wanted. But here in Fruita where we live there is a really strict leash law. Rico gets out every time the door is opened. He always comes back but I guess some neighbors are complaining and a policeman showed up at my door today, letting me know I had been warned and next time it is a huge fine.
Here is my dilemna. Rico has never been trained as far as not leaving the house or coming back when we call him. He has been a free spirit too long. I could probably just get really strict and train us all to put him in the laundry room when we are going to open the door. But then what about using the bathroom? Our backyard has a little white picket fence that he can fit right through and he will not go to the bathroom when he is on the leash. And I CANNOT have accidents in the house. UGH! My boys will be devastated if we get rid of him. What should I do? I admit that this is a lame post so anyone who has a dog and has an idea let me know.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ahhh. Together again.

After 6 long lonely weeks, we are reunited and it feels so nice! I thought I was never going to make it through this separation but I survived! I finally have my computer back!!!!!
Shamelessly I admit that I have felt quite lost without my computer. I really felt so out of the loop. Seriously I think that I check my email, blogs, facebook and bank account atleast twice a day. You would think that with all of the time I saved being away from the computer I would have learned how to bake bread or something useful or constructive. Nope just transferred that time to more tv and reading cheesy little 18th century romance novels (although my husband approves of the latter!)
Anyways I am connected again and it is wonderful.
We are adjusting to our new life in Fruita (right outside of Grand Junction). We are all happy but really miss Puerto Rico, especially Jake. Jake is trying to get used to all of the lame white people. I am trying to get used to putting lotion in new places that I had never even knew I could get dry skin! Jett is getting used to speaking English again in school and not being the gringo superstar of the school (although he already has made a ton of friends). Luke is getting used to being home with me again after having been in all day kindergarden and Tommy is just getting used to wearing clothes again. Seriously it is so wierd to see the boys all bundled up, wearing shirts and shoes etc.
Now that I have the computer back I have to back track on tons of pictures to blog etc so more Puerto Rico adventure posts on the way!