Thursday, July 17, 2008

Luke turns 5!

July 16th was my Lukey's birthday. It is amazing how important birthdays are to a young kid (and I was no different!). They just wait all year in anticipation and then it is over. I hope that we made this one special enough so that he waits atleast a month until he starts asking "How many more day until my birthday?"
I made about 60 cupcakes and took them to primary camp for everyone to have and sing Happy Birthday to Luke. Last night we invited 2 of his best friends and their families and went to the bowling alley and had a great time!
Luke was such a fussy baby and toddler that it is hard to imagine that he has turned out to be such a easy going great kid! We often wonder what is going on in his little world when we get such killer one- liners from him. One of my favorites is the time he announced " Jesus loves everyone but Satan and Hyrum." (Hyrum is this little boy in Jett's class that was always causing trouble.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Icecream = Romance

The other day I reminded Jake of those romantic days when we were first married and shared a car and he would get off from work before me and walk down to the store and have flowers waiting for me when I got home. I asked him whatever happened to those days.
Well last week he came home from San Juan and he walked in with something behind his back and told me had something romantic for me. It wasn't flowers but it was even better!
It was a tub of my most favorite ice cream in the world- Baskin Robbins Deep Chocolate Peanutbutter. (He drove to 3 different Baskin Robbins in San Juan to find it which I find very romantic!) I have been waiting for 2 years to eat some of this ice cream. Does my baby know me or what?!?