Monday, August 25, 2008

Conversations with Luke

Jake and I have to take turns taking Luke (5 years old) to school because we love our morning conversations with him. We just never know what will come out of his mouth but apparently here is what has been on his mind lately:

*The eternal salvation of dinosaurs

*Why Jesus did not create a "Lagoon" here in Puerto Rico. (Lagoon is an amusement park in Utah).

*Old people watch old tv

*Who is the coolest person in the world and can dad please look it up on the internet?

*Concerns that dad has not bought the "ab coaster" for his big belly.

*If pirates came to our house could dad beat them up?

* After a visit with his great grandmother he says "She smells funny but I still like her."

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bishop Jake?!?

It's true! Jake was sustained the Bishop of the Ponce I ward yesterday. I am still trying to get used to it. Cycling through feelings of wanting to vomit, cry or just numb. He is handling it much better than me.
Of course my Jakey is special - but come on he's Jake, "crossing the line" Jake, moon my own mother Jake , "buy a new car without telling me" Jake, and and now Bishop Jake?!?
Truth is he is wonderful and he will do a wonderful job.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Another crazy thing about Puerto Rico

Have I ever told you that Puerto Ricans are afraid of the rain? I mean really afraid of the rain. They believe that if you even get sprinkled on that you will get sick. And they believe that if you are ever sick it is because you got sprinkled on within the last few days (or that there is too much dust in your house but that is another post for another day!)
I remember that once I was at a church primary activity it had been sprinkling a little before but when it let up I let the kids go outside. My friend told me that if any of the parents saw that I had let the kids out that they would be really mad at me. Another time I saw a friend who had a cold and when I asked her if she was sick she told me she was because she had to run outside to get her dog's food and in the process she got a little wet and of course was then sick. So rainy days are the absolute best days to go out because there are no long lines to wait in at the stores or banks, or anything else for that matter. Everyone is at home waiting out the rain.
And the really funny thing is that Puerto Rico is a tropical island in the Carribean. It is raining everyday on some part of the island. We have a tropical rainforest for crying out loud! You would think that they would be used to this by now!
But no. This morning I woke up and it was raining and I thought I bet they cancelled school so I am not even going to bother taking them. Sure enough my friend called and let me know that they were sending all of the kids home because it was raining. Glad I didn't go through the whole ordeal of getting them ready and taking them.
Of course rain means one thing for my kids- PLAY. I am sure the neighbors are ready to call me into to child protection services!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Home from vacation one day and on to the first day of school! Jett started the 3rd grade and Luke started kindergarden. We actually have them at 2 different schools, which is a headache, but a decision we feel good about. They are both all in spanish but their teachers each speak some English too. Jett's spanish is really good and his accent is far better than mine. We just kinda threw Luke into to all day kindergarden in Spanish but feel confident that he will pick it up fast. In Luke's class there are only 8 other kids, including his best friend Manuel so we feel like he will really get a lot of one on one attention from the teacher. They both reported that they had a fantastic first day and made lots of friends. I mean who doesn't love a little gringo in their class?