Monday, July 27, 2009

Fat Boy factory

My son Luke absolutely loves the ice cream sandwich called "Fatboys." The first time he ate one and I told him what they were called he didn't believe me, he thought I was joking. And then when I told him that I actually knew the people who owned the icecream company that made Fatboys he went crazy and had to point out anytime we saw "Fatboys" in the grocery store.
Well a few weeks ago my childhood best friend Sherrie was up in Logan Utah for a visit to her sisters. Sherrie's family the Hatches have always been my second family- we did everything together growing up. I was driving up to see her and asked if we could maybe get a tour of the factory. They were so cool and arranged for all of us to go get a behind the scene tour. It was so much fun and Luke was absolutely amazed the whole time. He is already set on his new career of becoming a "Fatboy maker." All I know is with all of the icecream I ate that day I was already a "fatgirl maker" - but it was SOO worth it! Thanks to Paul and Stephanie Merrill for an incredible time!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

11 years...11 reasons

So exactly 11 years ago I was married to Jake. He NEVER lets me compliment him but since he does not read my blog I get to do it here. Soooo many reasons I love and cherish him but here are 11 really good reasons:

11. The best snuggler in the world. Yucky but true- we snuggle ALL night!
10. He would do anything for anybody- anytime.
9. He thinks I am beautiful and tells me EVERYDAY!
8. He is so freaking smart. Honestly. I really don't ever have to look anything
up- I just ask him!
7. When we are at a restaurant and I order and we get our food and his looks better
mine- he always lets me have his food instead. (this says alot about him!)
6. His strength! (Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)
5. He always calms down my anxious heart.
4. He has integrity.
3. He is 100% committed- to me, the boys, and the gospel
2. He makes me laugh, everyday, all day long!
1. He knows me better than I know myself and he still loves me with all his heart!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baking with Lady GaGa

Lately I have been absolutely ADDICTED to "Poker Face" by Lady GaGa. I dont know why but I want to listen to it constantly. I turn it up loud and dance around like I am still 18 yrs old.
For quite some time now my inner Martha Stuart has been wanting to come out. I decided to start by learning how to make homemade bread ( I think I am the last mormon stay at home mom who does not know how to make bread!)
I grew up on homemade bread and have wanted to learn how to bake bread for a long time. I guess I am scared of the whole yeast and rising thing. I decided that today was the day to conquer the fear of breadmaking. After consulting both my mother and mother in law I nervously went to work. I completed each step of making the bread and then finally breathed a sigh of relief as it went into the oven. Then I went up to my room and to unwind a bit from the stress of trying to bake bread I turned on a little Lady Gaga. I danced around a bit, listened to the song a few times, then danced some more, turned up the music and continued to hit replay. I kept turning the music up a little louder, getting a little more bold with my dance moves, and finally getting some lyrics right when it hit me that I had bread in the oven. I guessed I had hit play a few too many times.
I burnt the bread- like the type of bread so crusty that it tears the roof of your mouth just biting into it.
I will try the bread another day-I am not giving up. But just so you know- I'm not giving up on Lady GaGa either.