Monday, July 27, 2009

Fat Boy factory

My son Luke absolutely loves the ice cream sandwich called "Fatboys." The first time he ate one and I told him what they were called he didn't believe me, he thought I was joking. And then when I told him that I actually knew the people who owned the icecream company that made Fatboys he went crazy and had to point out anytime we saw "Fatboys" in the grocery store.
Well a few weeks ago my childhood best friend Sherrie was up in Logan Utah for a visit to her sisters. Sherrie's family the Hatches have always been my second family- we did everything together growing up. I was driving up to see her and asked if we could maybe get a tour of the factory. They were so cool and arranged for all of us to go get a behind the scene tour. It was so much fun and Luke was absolutely amazed the whole time. He is already set on his new career of becoming a "Fatboy maker." All I know is with all of the icecream I ate that day I was already a "fatgirl maker" - but it was SOO worth it! Thanks to Paul and Stephanie Merrill for an incredible time!


Melinda said...


Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven said...

How fun at the ice cream factory! It was SOOO nice meeting you and talking to you, too, Carolyn! I only wish I would have felt better so we could have talked more! I look forward to seeing you at the next reunion!

Anna said...

I wanna come next time.

LOVE the last pic of Lukey double fisting the ice cream cones. Life is good. ;)

megadog said...

We love fat boys in our neck of the woods too. I actually have a fat boy racing shirt that I wear when I run-awesome!