Monday, November 17, 2008

Elcetion day in Puerto Rico

Election days in Puerto Rico are the best! It is a giant party and the entire island shuts down. No school, all offices are closed, in fact illegal to make anyone work this day. Even the day before people start celebrating. Politics are huge here, 3 different political parties. One party is for Puerto Rico becoming a state (PNP),one party is for staying how it currently is as a US territory(PPD), and the other is a independent group that wants to be separated from the United States. Anyways Puerto Ricans are very passionate about politics. Since we could not vote we headed to the beach and had a wonderful time. All up and down the roads people were having ralleys and lined up and down the streets like a parade. Everyone hangs out their car windows and waves flags with their political parties colors and signs and honks their horns and makes lots of noise. It is a big festive day. We of course love that Puerto Ricans will celebrate anything. I think that when it comes to celebrations the United States could learn a few lessons from Puerto Ricans!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tailgate trick or treating

We have been here for 2 halloweens now. It is funny because the stores are stocked with costumes and decorations but not many places actually do trick or treating. Our neighborhood does however and it is a big party. Our gated subdivision is divided into 2 sections, one "richy" section as I like to say and the other part (where we live). Every year it seems like the whole town heads over to the richy section of our neighborhood. Those houses who want to give out candy sit out on their lawn chairs on their driveways. The trick or treaters then just go out to the people sitting in their chairs and get their candy. Here the children have to sing a little song to request the candy. It goes like this:

"Trick or treat, Trick or treat
Da me dulce and no mani"

Trick or treat, trick or treat
Give me candy and not peanuts!

Anyways the whole thing is like a giant parade going through the neighborhoods. Those who are handing out candy turn on their music and set up tables with beers, sodas, chips and snacks for whoever is hanging out with them. I even saw a few people with grills set up! Droves of people just move up and down the streets. I would say atleast 50% of the adults are dressed up to. There was one house who had set up a haunted house and were letting kids go through. One house had even hired a dj. It was all very fun to watch and be a part of. I bet that there were way over 500 people going through the streets! Easy costumes this year. Jett was a lifeguard (very smart since last year he got so hot going outside trick or treating the boys had to take off their costumes!)Then Luke was a sheriff and Tommy was "Woody" from Toy Story. Fun night. I would pretty much say it was a Halloween tailgating party!