Monday, August 9, 2010

My "Hollywood" delivery

Samuel Clifford Smith was born to us July 20, 2010. I got my perfect labor and delivery story that I have always wanted! (I have been induced with all 3 of my previous babies.) In the middle of the night I start feeling labor pains... I lay awake for an hour... pains actually not going away this time... this might be it! I take a shower and contractions are less then 5 minutes apart. I actually get to wake up my hubbie (just like all the movies) and say: "Honey- IT'S TIME!"
We get my packed hospital bag that has been sitting by the door for 2 weeks and head out the door at 4:30am.
We drive up to the emergency room entrance, park and see the security guard chuckle as I waddle in at Jake's side. He said "I suppose you are looking for the labor and delivery" and we headed up. I got to tell the front desk "I think I am in labor" and they said they would check me out. I put on the awesome hospital gown that never quite covers properly and by then contractions are 2 minutes apart. Jake is cracking jokes and charming the nurses as we settle in. I sip on cranberry juice and we send out the big news via text to all of our family. By then contractions have slowed down and so we walk the halls to get something going again. Nurses gave me pitossin to speed things up a bit and the pain starts pretty intense. I decide on the epidural. I was contemplating being tough and going natural but I already proved that I could do that when I had my 2nd son Luke so I decided since this was my last one- why not enjoy it pain free? I was a little nervous because I had a bad reaction to the epidural with my 3rd son and ended up screaming at the Dr. to yank it out. But Jake made enough jokes about suing the anesthesiologist that he did a fantastic job! (I did pass out for just a minute from low blood pressure but he said that was a common side-effect.)
So pain free, sipping on cranberry juice and my wonderful mid-wife Anita Sheetz tells me she thinks it is time to push. I pushed through 4 contractions and probably would have been less but the babies hand was up by his face through delivery, making it more difficult.
Our beautiful baby boy was born at 11:33am perfect and chubby at 21 inches and nearly 9lbs. I cried at how perfect and wonderful he was and how much I already loved him! They gave him to me right away and did all the tests on him right in my arms. Jake cut the cord (now an expert!) and made all the calls. I can't even tell you how happy this baby makes me and we are loving every minute!