Friday, April 24, 2009

Luke you are so grounded when I find you!

Today I am watching 2 little girls. Luke had been so bored all day and had been waiting to go to the park when his big brother got home from school. He was mad that I made him wait to go to the park. Well I am giving everyone snacks and I am talking to them saying that after snack time we will go to the park. I realize Luke is not there. I am calling for him and no answer. We are looking everywhere for him thinking he had gone to the park on his own without telling me. Then I see his shoes are still here so I figure he is hiding from me. I am looking everywhere yelling "Luke if you are hiding from me and not coming out when I call you - you are grounded!!!!"
Then I think of one more place to look and this is what I find:


Nicole said...

lil' cutie!

Anna said...

Oh little lukey was so tired!

Brandy said...

That is so funny. I just lost Dylan to a closet the other day too. He was hiding with a pack of skittles he had found and wasn't answering me either! I was even outside asking neighbors if they had seen him. Freeked me out.

megadog said...

That's very cute. We actually lost, really lost our little girly the other day. I would prefer she were sleeping in the closet any day. Scary moments!