Saturday, April 18, 2009

Anything for a cubscout!

We're busting trying to get that wolf badge for Jett before his birthday in a couple of weeks. Since Puerto Rico doesnt participate in cubscouts, Jett just started the program in January. So we are doing double time but I think that we will get it done. One requirement that Jett had was for bike saftey. I love our little town of Fruita and it actually had a little bike rodeo today all about bike saftey and gear. (Check off the list!)
He also had to help in an outdoor meal so yesterday evening we headed to the Red Cliffs. They are so beautiful and right on the Colorado River.
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The boys had a blast roasting hotdogs and smores and climbing the rocks and trees. U had to add a picture of the perfect smore. BTW- the secret for extra sinfulness is to spread peanut butter on the graham cracker!
I cant wait for the warmer weather and camping and rafting down the river. Seriously guys- you have to come visit. I know we are no longer on a tropical island but minutes from the Red Cliffs and the Colorado River aint too bad!


Melinda said...

Cool...GO Jett!! What beautiful scenery. You are lucky to have it so close.

Nicole said...

We gotta get down there!

Nicole said...

Scratch that - let's send the boys up to SLC and I'll come down to Fruita!