Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You got the wrong baby!

So Jake has been in San Juan (2 hours away) for most of the week and I am about to put my 3 boys up on EBay. Last night I had thought that my sweet but very naughty Tommy was being awfully quiet but I ignored the feeling that he was probably into mischief and went on enjoying the silence (kickback to my Depeche Mode days!)
Anyways, Luke, (my 4 yr old) comes running in and screams "Mom- you got the wrong baby! This one does horrible things!"
Tommy had gotten Luke's favorite Cars book and ripped out all the pages.
Somedays I have to agree with Luke- maybe I did get the wrong baby, but I love him anyways!


Gary & Renee said...

Haha! Poor Lukey - that is really sad. I remember getting into your makeup - you probably thought you had the wrong sister.

The Haughs said...

Oh my, that is so funny! Although he was probably meant just for you because you have the patience and love for him! We miss you guys!

Karen said...

hi carolyn!!! it's karen, wife of tim, it was great to get a post from you the other day. i love being able to keep in touch. tim has been in sweden for the past week so i'm feelin the ebay moment coming as well. gotta love the three boy factor. (loving your blog by the way.)

Tammy said...

My husband has been out of town for 49 days since Jan. Sometimes you really need someone else, to remind you, that you CANNOT sell children on EBay.

Nicole said...

L0L! Don't you wish you could pick them out from a catalog? We would have paid extra for the kind that cleans up his room and never says "no" to his mom & dad. :)

Anna said...

hahahha I love when tommy is naughty! Poor little lukey. Tell him auntie Anna will buy him a new book. ;)

Keeper of Banners said...

When did you move to PR? Boy have I been in the dark.
I found your blog through Christine's and thought I would drop you a line. Chao!