Monday, June 30, 2008


My parents are finally home, well not home, but back. They have been serving the last 3 years as mission presidents in the Mexico Tuxtla Guitierrez mission. They got the surprise call over 3 1/2 years ago when living in San Antonio Texas. My dad was a professor at the extension of Texas A&M and my mom was working in the school district's administrative offices. They left everything, sold their house, their cars and headed out to serve. I didn't think that I would ever survive them being gone for 3 years and now they are home. They had some incredible experiences and worked incredibly hard. They and their missionaries survived the 2 worst natural disasters to ever have hit the area. I know that we had an incredible time the 2 times that we went to visit them. They worked in a beautiful part of the world with beautiful people as well. I know my parents were well loved by all of their missionaries too. On their trip home they had a layover in Mexico City and had 15 of their returned missionaries come meet them at the airport. At the Salt Lake City airport yesterday they had 12 of the returned missionaries as well as all of my brothers and sisters waiting for them to greet them.
(I wanted to be there SO bad but I will see them at my brother's wedding next month!)
My parents have always set a wonderful example for me and I couldn't be prouder of them! Way to go Mom and Dad!


Sherrie said...

I'm so happy for your mom and dad! I wish I could see your whole family. You'll have to tell them hello for me! I was tellling Micaela the other day that if she wants to be a good reader she needs to read every night at bed time like my best friend growing up. Otherwise, she'll turn out like me reading Leo the Late Bloomer to find consulation in being a slow learner! Have fun at Davids wedding!

Keeper of Banners said...

Congrats Tio Cliff and Tia Rosalyn! It will be cool to see them again sometime.

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

It's funny because as a missionary I didn't ever think about the fact that my mission president had another family. I think you just gained like 200 or so new brothers and sisters!

Melinda Pink said...

Glad they are home safely. I enjoyed reading their emails. I am planning on being in Utah the last week of July. I will be staying with Danny. Hope to see you.