Friday, June 20, 2008

So bad- but try it!

I have been feeling so guilty about this that I have to get this out in the open. Well I try not to have sweets and stuff in the house because I eat them, and eat them until they are gone. No self control. The result of this however is having to take drastic measures when I get a craving for sweets, especially chocolate. So it is late at night, watching So You Think You Can Dance, the boys are finally asleep, hubbie is out of town and the cravings start. (No- not pregnant just love sweets!)
So I rummage everywhere and curse myself for not having anything sweeter than peanut butter in the house. Finally I remember that my wonderful friend Collette had sent me a big box of chocolate chips (hard to come by in Puerto Rico) last Fall and that somewhere in the back of my freezer there was an almost empty bag of chocolate chips left. I found the bag and sure enough there were at least 30 chocolate chips left in that bag. Not enough to make a dessert or anything but I thought I surely could come up with something. So I whipped out the bread and peanut butter and sprinkled the chocolate chips on it and made myself a big old peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich.
It is embarrassing to admit how much I enjoyed it. However I do believe that I am on to something. Try it and tell me if I am crazy!


Collette said...

I can't tell you how many times I've squealed with glee when I've realized there's a partially empty bag of chocolate chips in the freezer. Unadulterated joy. So far I've dipped a spoon in PB and then the chocolate chips but never both on a sandwich. I'll have to try it.

Christine said...

I love that you and I are so much alike. It must be genetic! I, too, search and search until I find that something that will satisfy the sweet tooth I have (and the self-control that I don't). I'll admit it here - sometimes it's an old package of smarties in the bottom of the couch that I come across after picking up the cushions that the kids tore off. YUCK!

Anna said...

A woman after my own heart. You know that me of all people will be trying that. It involves peanut butter and chocolate! ahahahaha

Tammy said...

I would be much thinner if I didn't have kids. I buy the junk for them, and then eat it because I'm lacking in self control as well. I'll have to try your sandwich. After all, there is a lot of sugar in jam.