Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crazy Puerto Rican Libraries!

I really miss the public libraries in the states so I was so excited when my friend Lucy said that a library had opened here in Ponce. By the way, Ponce is the 2nd largest city in all of Puerto Rico and they just got a library! Besides the fact that there was a security guard at the front door everything else seemed pretty normal. It was set up really cute and the librarian had story time with them and then had them color a picture about the story etc. The kids had a great time and they picked out their books to check out and we go to the counter and the lady looked at us like we were crazy. They don't let you check out books at the library! My boys were pretty disappointed (nothing a trip to McDonalds could not fix) but I left shocked. I guess I still have quite a lot to learn about living here! Which by the way I am going to start blogging about all the crazy stuff here. I think some things are really interesting, if not comical, so I thought you might be interested too!

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Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Interesting how simple things like checking out books can be so different. Wow!