Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jett turns 8 years old!!!

I can't believe my little guy turned 8 years old today! Of course I have known the day by day countdown to this day for the last few months, as birthdays are the most important event of any 2nd grader's life and Jett never lets us forget! So somewhere between beaming with pride and getting weepy at how much I love this kid, I must admit that Jett is a pretty special boy and makes everyone around him happy. Ok bragging time over.
We've been celebrating his birthday it seems for the whole weekend. On Friday I took cupcakes to his class and they sang happy birthday to him. (I can so vividly remember my mom taking cupcakes to my 2nd grade class at South Knoll Elementary- so this rite of passage officially makes me FREAKING OLD!)
Yesterday we went to the beach with some friends and had a great time.
It is such a crime that we live on a freaking island and have not been on the beach as a family since before Christmas!
Sunday was his actual birthday (always lame for a kid!) We are hopefully planning on having him get baptized in July in Utah. My parents are getting home from their mission and my little brother is getting married. Since the whole family was going to be together for the first time in 3 years we thought that would be a good time to do it.
Anyways he opened presents and had cake of course. His grandma Linda made him an awesome space blanket which he quickly replaced his old comforter with. But the present of the day was a Nintendo DS. We broke the bank with this one but he literally was the last kid in his class to have one and all of those childhood memories of wishing for that one special toy and not getting it, came rushing back and well lets just say we have one happy little 8 year old! Isn't it funny how life cycles?


Anna said...

He is so big!!! Wish I was there.Glad you guys had a great time together.
Love ya!

Nicole said...

Sweet! When he comes over we can link up! We have 4 DS Lites in our family, so that means we still need to get one for Mazzy and the dog. :) Happy b-day, Jett!

shaultnt said...

WOW! I can't believe 8 already. Jayden love his DS. Hw fun. Good luck on the babtism and Happy birthday JETT!

Wilcox Crew said...

no way!you turnd 8 and i am still 7!but not for long. in august 10 i will to!but congratulations for turning 8.
from cade

bye jett.