Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm a hypocritical blogger

Well I love to read everyone else's blogs. I have to say I get so irritated when people don't update theirs, because they really are entertaining. So I am going through my blog list and I am like- wow- they really need to post something new.
Then it hits me that I don't update very often myself and whats my problem and maybe other people are irritated with me!?! I don't know if everyone else feels that way but maybe I am waiting for a really cool picture or a funny story or something cool to post and so then it never happens. So I applaud all of you who make new posts and I vow to do better!
PS How wrong is it that I think Disney's "the Jonas Brothers" are really hot?


shaultnt said...

YEAH! SO glad you wrote a new post. HA HA. That's funny that you like the jonas brothers. Did you see them on the American Idol finale?

Anna said...

Funny- who are the Jonas Brothers?? Am I missing something? I dont have the disney channel, but I am guessing they are under age...;)

CharlieJo said...

i love reading your blog. that's awesome about the jonas brothers...and that Anna doesn't know who they are. they are definitely good eye candy. =o)
love you guys!

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

I am so the same!!! So okay - how about we both commit to at least once a week!!! That way we can remind each other. I feel like if I don't have pictures it just isn't done!!

dwindley said...

PPPPPPLEASE! The Jonas Brothers are not hot. Now that Zac Efron from High School Musical...he's a hottie!