Friday, April 25, 2008

HELP! I need some ideas!

Ok so quite by accident I found out that the elders Quorom (basically Jake) is in charge of the ward Mother's Day party. So basically this means that I am in charge of the ward Mother's Day party. Most of you have probably never even heard of such a thing but here in Puerto Rico Mother's day is huge! Everything, all stores, are closed and you are expected to visit and bring presents to all of the women in your life (sisters, aunts, grandmas etc).
We have a very small budget, extremely small, so I will probably have people bring potluck style dishes to share. I am thinking we will probably have like 10 kids, 10 youth, and maybe including adults around 75 people. Puerto Ricans love music and love to laugh. They love the cheesiest things and games etc.
So please brainstorm and share any ideas that may come to mind on possible themes, games, programs, decorations etc!


Wilcox Crew said...

I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but have you tried They have recipes, party,game and decorating ideas. You can search their site by age, theme, etc.. It may help to give you a few ideas. Hope that helps!

shaultnt said...

Do they have bounce houses that you can rent? Or maybe do it at a park where the kids can play? Ill think of more ideas....

megadog said...

Maybe you could have a Mom's Night Out and let the Dad's and teenagers do the babysitting while the Mom's get pampered. Like a spa night or something like that. You could have pedicures, manicures, a massage.
Oh, Calgon, take me away.
Love ya. Good luck. Maybe you should ask our old Dueno Rikki Tikki Tikki.
Love, Hermana Olsen (a.k.a megadog)