Monday, May 12, 2008

Field Day in Puerto Rico

Last Thursday was Jett's field day which field day here in Puerto Rico is yet another ridiculously embellished event. First the school decides on a theme for field day and then you have to buy your kid a t-shirt that they design for the field day. The whole family takes the day off and also buy field day t-shirts that match their student's team color. They bring in lawn chairs and line up around the streets surrounding the school, and all the students and classes do a parade on the streets (that are closed off by police escort). The classes have banners and the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles (EVERYONE!) has horns, whistles, bells etc to cheer on their kids team. Then after this everyone goes into the school and you watch each class, grade by grade all the way up to 6th grade do a race, and then it starts all over and you watch class by class participate in a tug a war.
So all this to watch Jett do 2 things! The students participate in the events under a big court with a roof, but the parents had to sit around the ropes in the sun. Tommy of course managed to bust through the ropes and find Jett to be the center of his class's attention. Another tradition is to sign each others field day shirts (weird!). There were concession stands selling popcorn, hot dogs, and pina coladas. I swear it was like a day at the county fair! But he was happy and that is what is important- not 5 hours of sitting in the hot sun chasing Tommy and Luke around. I don't know about you but my field day was never this exciting!


shaultnt said...

That is awesome about field day. Jayden had his field day here and it was not that fun, but fun none the less.

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Go Jett Go!!! Looks like he was doing really well. From your pictures I can also see why you say your kids are stared little blondies in a sea of brunettes!!!