Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My baby's two!!!!

Well Tommy turned 2 years old on April 20th! I think he actually turned two at his first birthday (meaning he entered the terrible two stage) a whole year ago. For those who don't remember he was the sweetest baby ever! Slept through the night at one month, always healthy, always smiling- a pure delight that made us so happy. My aunt called him a "sucker baby" because he was so easy it makes you think you could have another one right away with no problem. Somewhere around his first birthday my little angel did a complete 180 degrees and turned into my most mischievous, in dependant and stubborn baby yet! We have to admire his strength as he has somehow "outsmarted, outwitted, and outplayed" his 2 parents and 2 older brothers and completely rules our home. We love him to death but we all rejoice at the 8pm hour when the king retires to his bedroom for the evening. Some of his accomplishments this year include, pulling off the lid to the tank on the back of the toilet, resulting in 5 stitches to his mommy's toe,learning how to make his own toast, learning how to unlock the front door and escaping into the neighborhood, learning to do the dishes (only 6 dishes broken so far!) destroying all of his brothers most prized possessions, and mastering walking in his moms high heels even better than she can. And my personal favorite- drinking out of the bidet.


Jed and Valerie Smith said...

He is getting so big. I can't believe he pushes Luke around though. You would think he could hold his own!!

Nicole said...

Oh, how I long for the good ol' bidet days! Jobe loved to play in the bidet too. Love the b-day cake, did you put M&Ms on it? It's so cute! I bet the Ricans loved it - everyone there is so amazed when you can bake a cake, even though it comes straight from a mix. Happy birthday, Tommy!

Wilcox Crew said...

Those pictures are hillarious! He is such a cutie. This post made me laugh - it sounds like he has you all right where he wants you:)

Anna said...

He is getting to be so handsome!! I loved this post!
Hope Tommy had a happy birthday!
my fave pic is him in the supterman get-up and the the drinking of the bidet. :)