Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nasty Cheetos Confessions

So who doesn't like Cheetos? Very few people right? It was my favorite snack as long as I remember. I have vivid memories of carefully placing my Cheetos bag in my cubby drawer in kindergarten.
My favorite way to eat Cheetos have always been with a big cold glass of milk. My sister in law Anna said she would get the Flaming Hot Cheetos at the 7-11 store and then get a side of Nacho cheese sauce to dip them in. My son Luke has recently asked for peanut butter and Cheetos sandwiches. Well of course my sons love Cheetos, and in an effort to keep their mom from eating the whole bag I have recently started buying Walmart Brand (Great Value) Cheetos or "crunchy cheese snacks." I am fiercely loyal to the Cheetos brand and would never consider another kind. My little Tommy force fed me one of these walmart brand Cheetos that really tasted like crunchy Styrofoam with a light dusting of cheese powder, and a terrible aftertaste. The kids didn't mind them, they were not tempting to me, so I had found a Cheetos solution for my household.
Well sometime in the last 2 weeks I found myself in some sort of emotional crisis requiring food, angrily threw open the cabinet doors and there were those nasty walmart Cheetos. I reached in and after a few bites, I started getting used to them.
Halfway through the bag, I thought "hey these have a good crunch to them!" And by the end of the bag well...lets just say I was licking my fingers and it wasn't pretty. Ashamed of my dissension, I vowed never again.
Today was the weekly trip to Super Walmart. I had half the bag of these delicious "crunchy cheese snacks" gone by the time the groceries were put away.
So please tell me someone else shares a dirty Cheetos secret too?!?


Collette said...

I'm still loyal to the original CRUNCHY Cheetos but I recently ate some of the puffy Cheetos and, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't hate them...

Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Well I must say we are Cheetos fans. Little Hyrum is already addicted and was seen earlier today picking them off the floor and sucking away ...augh am I a horrible mom?

Wilcox Crew said...

I have never really liked them until last Monday. My kids convinced me to buy them some (it's usually not hard to say no because I don't like them). So I bought the flamin' hot ones that they wanted, and now I can't stop eating them! I don't know about the regular ones, but when it comes to the hot, I am right there with ya!

Anna said...

I ate those walmart brand fake Cheetos while staying at your house last month. Definately not that great, but sadly I found myself eating them. Make that madness stop! Please only eat those in times of emergency. When you must reach for a Cheeto let it only be the real stuff. In the mean time, let Luke have them with his PB sandwiches. (wierd!)
ps-I still love hot cheetos with nacho sauce.
pps-Val, you are not a bad mom. Every kid likes to suck on cheetos... out of the bag or off the floor. ;)

The Haughs said...

Hey there! Okay, I am into the flamin' hot ones myself. Couldn't tell you the last time I had them because it is impossibe to eat just a few at a time. But I won't lie... there's been times they've called my name from the shelf!
Miss you guys.