Friday, April 25, 2008

HELP! I need some ideas!

Ok so quite by accident I found out that the elders Quorom (basically Jake) is in charge of the ward Mother's Day party. So basically this means that I am in charge of the ward Mother's Day party. Most of you have probably never even heard of such a thing but here in Puerto Rico Mother's day is huge! Everything, all stores, are closed and you are expected to visit and bring presents to all of the women in your life (sisters, aunts, grandmas etc).
We have a very small budget, extremely small, so I will probably have people bring potluck style dishes to share. I am thinking we will probably have like 10 kids, 10 youth, and maybe including adults around 75 people. Puerto Ricans love music and love to laugh. They love the cheesiest things and games etc.
So please brainstorm and share any ideas that may come to mind on possible themes, games, programs, decorations etc!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My baby's two!!!!

Well Tommy turned 2 years old on April 20th! I think he actually turned two at his first birthday (meaning he entered the terrible two stage) a whole year ago. For those who don't remember he was the sweetest baby ever! Slept through the night at one month, always healthy, always smiling- a pure delight that made us so happy. My aunt called him a "sucker baby" because he was so easy it makes you think you could have another one right away with no problem. Somewhere around his first birthday my little angel did a complete 180 degrees and turned into my most mischievous, in dependant and stubborn baby yet! We have to admire his strength as he has somehow "outsmarted, outwitted, and outplayed" his 2 parents and 2 older brothers and completely rules our home. We love him to death but we all rejoice at the 8pm hour when the king retires to his bedroom for the evening. Some of his accomplishments this year include, pulling off the lid to the tank on the back of the toilet, resulting in 5 stitches to his mommy's toe,learning how to make his own toast, learning how to unlock the front door and escaping into the neighborhood, learning to do the dishes (only 6 dishes broken so far!) destroying all of his brothers most prized possessions, and mastering walking in his moms high heels even better than she can. And my personal favorite- drinking out of the bidet.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nasty Cheetos Confessions

So who doesn't like Cheetos? Very few people right? It was my favorite snack as long as I remember. I have vivid memories of carefully placing my Cheetos bag in my cubby drawer in kindergarten.
My favorite way to eat Cheetos have always been with a big cold glass of milk. My sister in law Anna said she would get the Flaming Hot Cheetos at the 7-11 store and then get a side of Nacho cheese sauce to dip them in. My son Luke has recently asked for peanut butter and Cheetos sandwiches. Well of course my sons love Cheetos, and in an effort to keep their mom from eating the whole bag I have recently started buying Walmart Brand (Great Value) Cheetos or "crunchy cheese snacks." I am fiercely loyal to the Cheetos brand and would never consider another kind. My little Tommy force fed me one of these walmart brand Cheetos that really tasted like crunchy Styrofoam with a light dusting of cheese powder, and a terrible aftertaste. The kids didn't mind them, they were not tempting to me, so I had found a Cheetos solution for my household.
Well sometime in the last 2 weeks I found myself in some sort of emotional crisis requiring food, angrily threw open the cabinet doors and there were those nasty walmart Cheetos. I reached in and after a few bites, I started getting used to them.
Halfway through the bag, I thought "hey these have a good crunch to them!" And by the end of the bag well...lets just say I was licking my fingers and it wasn't pretty. Ashamed of my dissension, I vowed never again.
Today was the weekly trip to Super Walmart. I had half the bag of these delicious "crunchy cheese snacks" gone by the time the groceries were put away.
So please tell me someone else shares a dirty Cheetos secret too?!?