Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Grand Caymans

Our third stop on the cruise was the Grand Cayman Islands which was definitely one of my favorites. We snorkeled in the clearest water I have ever been in and also we went out to "Stingray City" and fed the stingrays. The 45 minute boat ride out to the stingrays was absolutely beautiful! The water was so clear and so turquoise! Of course everyone was worried about the whole Steve Erwin thing but our guide told us that as long as we stayed fairly still we were in no danger. The minute the boat pulled up the stingrays swam over (as they are now dependent on the boats of tourists feeding them everyday!) We got out into water slightly above our waists and instantly had stingrays swimming all around us. They kinda feel like a cat when it comes and rubs against your legs, but much more slippery of course. We each got a turn to hold them, to feed them squid, and also to give them a kiss! As legend goes kissing a stingray is 7 years good luck!

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shaultnt said...

Oh how fun. I wanna go feed stingrays now. I need more good luck. Fun pics