Sunday, March 23, 2008


So I am still new and I have not been able to figure how to edit dates, so my "Grand Cayman" and "Flordia Keys" entries are below the "I love Cruising entry" If anyone knows how to rearrange posts- let me know.
Anyways on to Cozumel. We loved this port too. It was our 2nd stop on the cruise. That morning as we were waiting to get off the ship, I ran on to the previous nights entertainment. I used to watch this guys show when I was a kid. Extra points to anyone who can tell me who this guy is. A little hint: Lets just say all the old ladies on board were dying for this teen idol band member!
I loved the water in Cozumel! We went snorkeling that morning in the clearest water and then relaxed with my favorite drink- pina coladas. Later that afternoon was a once in a lifetime opportunity- I swam with the dolphins! My sister in law Valerie and I went to the dolphin marina where they put us with a dolphin trainer in a group with 6 other tourists. We worked with 2 dolphins. We each learned the hand signals and received a handshake from the dolphin, a kiss from the dolphin and then we got to ride the dolphin! I love the dolphins, they seemed to be quite intelligent and friendly. For quite a while we were able to just float in the water and have the dolphins swim around us and brush up against us (almost like a cat brushes by your legs). Their skin was incredibly smooth and soft. Valerie and I totally fell for the tourist trap and ordered the video they took of us and the dolphins, so I even have it recorded for all posterity. (sorry Val- I promise to send it this week!) Anyways- another incredible once in a lifetime experience!


shaultnt said...

Jayden got to train dolphins in Puerto Vallarta and had so much fun. Hopefully next time I won't be pregnant and then I can do it too. What a cool experience

Wilcox Crew said...

Yay! You got your pictures posted! Can I just tell you that you look gorgeous - and I am so jealous that you have a great tan:) Anyway, looks like you had a blast. I'll call you again soon so we can chat. xo-Staci