Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jurassic Park and Gilligan's Island

We kept pretty busy over the Labor Day weekend. On Saturday was the stake celebration of the birthday of the primary. It was hotter than freak but the surroundings were so beautiful that it was hard to complain!

To me it seemed right out of Jurassic park minus the dinosaurs. It was like a giant crater had crashed in the middle of the jungle and left a gigantic circle and they decided to build a park. The kids ate pizza and played games. Kudos to Jake for successfully completing an entire church activity (first time ever!)
Then on Monday we went to Gilligan's island with our friends the Rowletts from San Juan. (Yea- more friends!!!) It is about a 45 minute drive from our house and then you hop on a little ferry and it takes you over to the island.

Other than Ashley and I looking at least as good as Ginger and Marianne, Gilligan's island itself was a little disappointing. It was super crowed because of the holiday, but we managed to find our own little cove of the island, and it was very overcast. But it was very relaxing and we had a good time.
The coolest part is that when we were waiting on the dock for the ferry to take us back to the main land we saw dolphins!


Gary and Renee said...

Sounds so nice and relaxing - it rained her Sunday and Monday. The thunder doesn't compare to a good Texas storm. I love the rain too, but not on holiday weekends!

Melinda said...

Give your hubby a pat on his back for having a successful party. your trip to the island sounds fun...what an adventure. Have a good week.

Levanger Family said...

I freakin' miss you! Some day I will make it to Puerto Rico...Sounds much more exciting than our Labor Day...we went hiking at Red Rock.

shaultnt said...

Looks like so much fun. We miss ya too and so need to visit. I want a good trip to Puerto Rico this time. HAHA. So how is Hurricane Season handling you? How's the Bishop thing going?

The Rowletts said...

So you wanna be Ginger or Maryann?? Thanks for a great time!! Let's do it again soon. Well....maybe not that but something else fun.