Monday, August 25, 2008

Conversations with Luke

Jake and I have to take turns taking Luke (5 years old) to school because we love our morning conversations with him. We just never know what will come out of his mouth but apparently here is what has been on his mind lately:

*The eternal salvation of dinosaurs

*Why Jesus did not create a "Lagoon" here in Puerto Rico. (Lagoon is an amusement park in Utah).

*Old people watch old tv

*Who is the coolest person in the world and can dad please look it up on the internet?

*Concerns that dad has not bought the "ab coaster" for his big belly.

*If pirates came to our house could dad beat them up?

* After a visit with his great grandmother he says "She smells funny but I still like her."


shaultnt said...

That is really cute. How funny.

Christine said...

HILARIOUS!!! Gotta love a kindergartener!

Anna said...

Oh my lukey!! He is sooo fantastic! Such a deep little guy! :)

Melinda said...

Oh my gosh that is so funny! I like the ab coaster one and the smelly great grandma one. Its good for kids to say whats on their minds...I think :)

bawdenmom said...

Oh boy! Aren't kids the best! He is so funny! I'm so sad we didn't see you but we will come again (hopefully before you move!) We decided it was best without the kids the first time!