Sunday, January 20, 2008

For all you Johnny Lingo fans

One Sunday my parents took us into the mountains to visit a branch of Tzotzil Indians (descendants of the Mayans). We drove to the end of a dirt road and parked the car. We walked down a dirt trail for about 20 minutes passing corn fields and very humble adobe homes until we reached the little church building. The branch members all of course all walk to get to church too, many having a long hike to get there, but they always come and they are always on time. They speak Tzotzil (nothing like spanish!). It was so neat to interact with them and see how they live. We had brought little bags of toys and candy to pass out to the children and they were so grateful for something so simple. My brother in law took off his own tie and gave it to one of the little boys and the boy was so proud! My parents had told us so many stories of these wonderful people and it was so neat to finally meet some of them. The little branch has been through so much. Just a year ago their branch president was murdered on his way to deposit the tithing money. But still they come and with so much reverence and faith. We also had bags of groceries that we delivered to some of the members home. It was very humbling to walk into their home with dirt floors and a fire pit in the middle of the room to cook on. And I complain about what?....
On a lighter note for all of you Johnny Lingo fans... In these communities you don't buy your wife with cows- you buy your future wife with cases of coke. Which begs the many cases of coke are you worth?

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Anna said...

25 cases of coke at least. That is one case for every year that I have been alive.

ps- So glad you FINALLY have a blog! Welcome!! :)