Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bet you don't know where Tuxtla Guitierrez is!

I love reading everyone else's blog so I figured I would give it a try too. I'll probably make some things up to make it sound as cool as everyone else's... but the following is true-
For this past Christmas we went to visit my parents in Southern Mexico. They are in their final year there as mission presidents in the Tuxtla Guitierrez Mexico mission for the states of Chiapas and Tabasco (places I would have never known about and certainly never visited had it not been for their mission call!)
It was our second visit there and we absolutely love it. The people are warm and friendly and the weather about the same. My parents mission covers some pretty spectacular sights and terrain, reminding us a lot of Puerto Rico. We had some pretty incredible experiences and things I know I will probably never see or do again. I wanted to post pictures of some of my favorite places but I am still trying to figure this blogging thing out, so more to come....

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