Monday, June 21, 2010


Who gets a baby shower for their 4th child, their 4th boy at that? I DO!!! My great friend Sierra threw me an awesome baby shower last Saturday.
She went all out with cute invitations, decorations, and the BEST food! Course it helps that her awesome husband is a professional chef- who gets coconut shrimp (my favorite) at a shower? I DO!
She also did lots of other yummy food including strawberry and lime daquiri's.

Lots of generous gifts, games and lots of fun! And to top it off the cutest cake I have EVER seen made by friend Casey.

Seriously- who has some of the greatest friends in the world? I DO!


Wilcox Crew said...

How fun - I just have to tell you that you look fabulous! I also love that cake!

Diana W. Windley said...

I want to learn how to make that cake! are a very sexy pregnant momma!

Collette said...

Fun! You look great! Love your hair!

megadog said...

How fun! You look adorable pregnant. Also, I CAN'T believe you're having your 4th boy!! Boys are pretty darn fun and you can talk to both of my sisters who have ALL boys and love it.
Thinking about you.

Hermanita Olsen-Welsh

Melinda said...

You do look FABULOUS! What a fun time. I love coconut shrimp too. You have great friends.

Vicky said...

You look so great, thank you for sharing!
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