Friday, January 16, 2009

Rico in the slammer

So if you don't have a dog probably not worth your time to read the following post. In fact it annoys me that I am even writing it but here goes:
Never a good thing when a policeman shows up at your door. But I knew immediately why he was there. Alot of you know that we have a little white poodle named Rico. He is a great little dog and we all love him. I was never a dog person before but 5 years ago my husband begged and begged me to get him. Just like a little boy he promised, "I will do all the work and walk him and feed him and clean up after him" etc etc. Well just like any little boy in this situation, he indeed did not like all the work involved and since day #2 I have been the one to take care of him. Rico is very loving but true to all Smith males, has a true independent streak. He thinks he can come and go as he pleases and roam the neighborhood. We had a huge problem with it in Vegas, with him always getting out. Then in Puerto Rico he kinda had free reign and went wherever he wanted. But here in Fruita where we live there is a really strict leash law. Rico gets out every time the door is opened. He always comes back but I guess some neighbors are complaining and a policeman showed up at my door today, letting me know I had been warned and next time it is a huge fine.
Here is my dilemna. Rico has never been trained as far as not leaving the house or coming back when we call him. He has been a free spirit too long. I could probably just get really strict and train us all to put him in the laundry room when we are going to open the door. But then what about using the bathroom? Our backyard has a little white picket fence that he can fit right through and he will not go to the bathroom when he is on the leash. And I CANNOT have accidents in the house. UGH! My boys will be devastated if we get rid of him. What should I do? I admit that this is a lame post so anyone who has a dog and has an idea let me know.


Jed and Valerie Smith said...

Yes we are dogless, but maybe you could try keeping his leash next to the door and before anyone opens it they must put him on the leash???? As for the backyard I just don't know besides taking him for walks like people do in the city...I hope you figure it out!

Melinda said...

Good Luck Lady. My house has a NO DOG Rule. It had to be ammended because Jake brought his dogs over Christmas but it is back to original state now. I am sorry I am no help but wish you good luck!

megadog said...

You could "arrange" for him to be "accidentally" run over. Oh wait, sorry. Okay, this little fart probably needs to go to dog training land. I like the leash by the door idea and also the laundry room idea. I wish you could luck. Our big furry dog died last year and we have had no desire to replace her AT ALL. Love stepping in my backyard and not stepping in a landmine! Good luck girl.

Levanger Family said...

This is a tough situation. We just made the decision to get rid of our family cat of 4 years. She was peeing and clawing EVERYTHING (including the kids). We let the kids help with the decision. They were troopers and we gave her up two weeks ago...SIGH.