Thursday, October 2, 2008

My new skinny best friend

So I have a new skinny best friend. I don't hate her though because she is too darn helpful. She helps me with the impossible everyday task of keeping the standardized Puerto Rican white tile floors clean.
My wonderful mother in law actually introduced us when she was last visiting here and could see that I needed some help. For some unknown reason I ignored my friend for the first few months. But we have recently become reaquainted for which I will be forever grateful.


Melinda said...

Does it really work good? If it does I might make a new friend too. I have cream color tile throughout most of my house..yuck.
Sweeping Mopping all the tile is the worste part of house cleaning for me.

The Rowletts said...

awww....and I thought I was your new skinny best friend. DANGIT!! Come and clean my house??

Jocelynn said...

Hey, What kind is that? Is it a steamer because I hate cleaning my tile floors and I have a steamer but it sucks! Let me Know! It was great getting to see ya'll at Dave's wedding. Take Care,

Anna said...

You have ignored her???? I am shocked! BUT I am so happy that you finally are loving her!! Throw the old school broom out! :)