Thursday, July 17, 2008

Luke turns 5!

July 16th was my Lukey's birthday. It is amazing how important birthdays are to a young kid (and I was no different!). They just wait all year in anticipation and then it is over. I hope that we made this one special enough so that he waits atleast a month until he starts asking "How many more day until my birthday?"
I made about 60 cupcakes and took them to primary camp for everyone to have and sing Happy Birthday to Luke. Last night we invited 2 of his best friends and their families and went to the bowling alley and had a great time!
Luke was such a fussy baby and toddler that it is hard to imagine that he has turned out to be such a easy going great kid! We often wonder what is going on in his little world when we get such killer one- liners from him. One of my favorites is the time he announced " Jesus loves everyone but Satan and Hyrum." (Hyrum is this little boy in Jett's class that was always causing trouble.)


Keeper of Banners said...

Prima, Hey we are planning a reunion next year and have a blog to keep everyone informed. Check it out at

Spread the word!

PS - Love your blog - it is great to keep up with what is going on in your family on the island. Happy B-Day Luke!

Primo Paul

Anna said...

I love that line from Lukey!! I love him! It looks like he had a great day!
Love you guys!

shaultnt said...

I can't believe he is getting that old. WoW! Jayden mentioned Jet the other day and said he misses him. Looks like you guys are having fun.

Carrie said...

Hi Smith Family. My name is Carrie from Las Vegas, you don't know me, but this is one of those weird kind of small world, connections that we share. So I have to say hi. I'm friends with the Wilcox's here in Vegas. When they went to P.R. last year to see you, I was talking with Staci about how I have a brother in the FBI who is stationed there with his family. Staci said, hmmm... I think they have or had a lot of FBI people in their ward. So recently, I asked my sister in law if she happened to know a Smith family with lots of cute little boys(that's all I knew about you from talking to Staci) and she said you weren't in her ward but that she had JUST met you at a church activity! Crazy. My sister in law is Crystalin. I don't know if you remember meeting her, but she definitely seemed to know you. And for the record, they're one of the FBI families who LOVE it there and chose to be there. I hear there are some who aren't so pleased. Anyway,just a fun coincidental story. And Staci's right, your kids are super cute.

Melinda Pink said...

Luke is a cutie, he clung onto my leg at the park like he knew me. I loved his satan kind of guy. hey what airport do you fly in and out of? I already started looking for rates but wasnt sure what airport to use. Thought I would be onlook out for good deals.
Hope to see you soon.

themechams said...

Hey Smiths, So glad Shauls have such a great blog. I get to go and cherry pick from their friend list. Miss you guys. Your kids are really growing.